Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Rotten ACORN Falls From the Tree or Rahtke's (Yellow Hair just like Custer) Last Stand


You heard it here first folks straignt from inside the rotten ACORN.

So as you may or may not have heard before.

The Rathke machine was built like this.

1) Put your brother and other family members in charge of the money.
2) Put your wife in charge of home office operations.
3) Become the president of a Union as part of your golden parachute.
4) Surround yourself with sychophantic caucasian staff members from elite families who will do anything to make you happy. Why? Because it is a good course up the Democrats of influence ladder.
5) Run your so-called bottom up grassroots organization from the top down.
6) Blackmail companies that do business in poor communities to give you money or you will raise bloody hell into giving you payola.
7) Set up several paralel for-profit entities, internet, radio, mortgagte counseling, so you can really cash in.
8) Laugh all the way to the bank while your employees work for less than 8 bucks an hour in unsafe working conditions out of their sense of YT guilt to build your massive 81 million dollar a year monster.

Do I have that right?

What could go wrong?

Well for starters some of your staff have a conscience. SO sorry! They start to figure out what is going on. People like me left a long time ago. Now? People who have worked there for decades are jumping ship.
Well Wade's brother just got caught stealing well over 1,000,000 dollars from the till.
The staff finally woke up and realized Wade is a crook.
Foundations want their money back.
Wade's sychophantic young liberals? Split!
Those complacent poor people you thought were so dumb?
Turn's out they aren't all dumb and they want Wade to step down!
Turn's out a bunch of people might be going to jail!
Turns out people like me don't seem sooooo crazy anymore do they Wade?
Turns out I was a bit of a prophet.

Here is my nessage to those who might be listening!

1,000.000 is that all you think they stole?
Let's see there was the Fema trailer out behind the office you used to house visiting dignitaries as well as an annex to your office.
There is all the money you shuffled from organizing itno political when you felt like it.
Need I say more?
When the forensic audit is done the only good organizing Wade will have ever done will be how he got his brother to go to jail while he kept jetting around the world.
Let's see, how about grants collected and spent on offices that were closed.
Think anyone might want to look into that?
How about? Well stay tuned you will see.........