Monday, October 13, 2008

ACORN Voter Fraud hurts who? The Democrats!!

Liberals and Democrats dump and continue to dump tens of millions of dollars into ACORN's pockets for?
Registering New Voters. NEW!!!! Voters
Nothing drives me crazier than listening to FOX news blither on about ACORN Registraion Fraud
I managed a massive Voter Registration crew for ACORN along with my other duties. The validity rate of that office was exemplary. I also know that I had quite a few lazy con artists working for me that would go and get theire friends to register over and over again etc....
The people who should be in the media raising indictments and hell about registration fraud are the liberal foundations that fund them. Why? They are not getting what they pay for. ACORN's sub-standard hiring and traing. The low pay. The long hours. The lack of conviction gaurentees that the workers will try fraud.
ACORN doesn't care. The quality control people they hire stink, the managers are almost always college kids with no experience in the field, the whole operatin favors mediocrity.
Liberals and Democrats should consider spreading their operations out to a broad range of organizations that have seasoned staff on board. They sould develop a volunteer registration aparatus. Voluteers are much more likely to do a good committed job.
Now lets be clear. The people you are seeing on FOX news saying I registered "73" times will only get to vote once. But, ACORN got paid 73 times for those registrations. SO is getting ripped off. John McCain? NO, The American people? No. Who is getting hurt?
LOCAL SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS OFFICES THAT HAD TO COUNT THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN who have strapped budgets. Local offices that are probably liberal controlled areas.
ACORN is ripping off the movement for social justice. More later.