Wednesday, July 9, 2008

As I said-Wade is no longer Chief Organizer

Well you saw it here first. Now Wade has stepped down:

So here is the deal as I have pinted our for some time:

1) Wade Rathke's brother ran the money (that would be Dale)
2) His wife runs the Louisiana office.
3) He has surrounded himself with his best friends
4) He created a compliant and in many ways ignorant board thatg would do whatever he said (How long has Maude been Chair)?
5) As reported in the New York times Wade's brother Dale used the for profit entity they set up to steal a million dollars.
6)Maude and the girls have given Wade a golden Parachute and allowed him to resign as Chief Organizer and promoted him to Chief Organizer of ACORN International! He is now Chief Organizer of the world?
7) Not on my watch pal!!!!!!!

Let us be clear, I don't hate ACORN, and I am not some right winger. I am former ACORN organizer.

What I care about is the milions of dollars I have personally watched get wasted, mispent, misdirected, and that were supposed to be for the social justice movement.

What I care about is field organizers who aren't paid shit, who rish their lives, so that Wade, his wife, his brtother, John Kest, Helene O'brien, and the rest of the crew can bleed this movement dry. Jetting around the world and selling out communities instead of focusing on community organizing.

Wade Rathke is a wealthy white boy who surrounded himself with wealthy white boys who is trying ot stay wealthy while trying to look like some Mother Theresa.

The only way a person of color could rise to the top was for Wade to step down.

Berth Lewis we wish you luck!!

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