Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where do we go from here? Huh Wade?

Rathke and his Posse Must GO!! or ACORN WILL DESTROY THE FOREST!!

If Wade Rathke is allowed to continue to run game as "Chief Organizer of ACORN International"

The staff that empowered him to protect he and his brother from being revealed as having stolen a million dollars from ACORN are allowed to stay?

Alas nothing will change at ACORN.
some things folks should think of?

ACORN burned their financial disclosures every 5 years. Has it dawned on anyone that over the course of the last 38 years they could have gotten away with this little bit of family theft at least five times before they were busted?

Some of us have been executive directors before Wade? Some of us?


You think any of the foundations out there you stole from migth have extensive financial records?


Please Bertha, Please, you don't need Wade to take this ball down the field. The good Wade has done HAS BEEN DONE. The Bad is ongoing. ACORN could be reformed into a true engine of Grassroots organizing. You can make it happen.

With Wade and his junta around you will always be boxed in.

Has anyone realized that members and staff that protected him can be charged in criminal proceedings for their role?

Wade do you care for these people at all?

If you do you will take full responsibility and admit that the fact that you covered your brothers a$$ makes you complicit.

Save the Tree, @corn

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