Monday, July 9, 2007

ACORN the WALMART of Community Organizations

Quote from Wade Rathke 2006 at a staff meeting:

"Do you realize we could go to India and purchase a labor union with 10,000 members for 150,00 dollars". "Now you understand why I travel to South Africa, India, Hong Kong".

Justification? This is how we fight WALMART?

Rathke actually has a dream that one day thousands of radicals will follow him like Lenin into a Gulag. That is the real truth.

The real ACORN is about building power. During training organizers are told "it doens't matter what your members want to fight for as long as ACORN builds power".

Anyone in the grassroots organizing community see a problem with this?

ACORN also only sets up shop where they will have little if any power struggle. They only set up in Big Cities that tend to have liberal Democratic City governments. Why? You think the skinflint Rathke is going ot invest in Tupelo? Aint gonna Happen. Grassroots organizing was created by white people who were allegedly trying ot find the proper role for educated and privileged whites within the movement. As Gary Delgado points out (A Latino ACORN manager) for 9 years, the structure of ACORN lends itself to the organizer having supreme control through staying behind the scenes. You don't see Bill Gates out on the street peddling Microsoft and the organizer is trained to try various methods to "get the members to do what we want, even if that means manpulation". That is from an ACORN field manual.

Rathke has structured ACORN to do his bidding from the word go.

ACORN goes into cities that have long traditions of organizing and basically pretends they don't see anyone else on the landscape. They then go about the business of trying ot run the mom and pop local organizations out of existence.

How is that different from Walmart? It isn't.
When members start talking about gay rights the organizer is instructed to act behind the scenes to steer the conversation elsewhere. Talk about choice same tactic.

Just like Walmart ACORN sells itself as good stuff for cheap to the Democratic party. The fools then invest in them. Yet they garner very little results. Their voter registration campaign in 2004 where millions upon millions were syphoned from liberal sources to get out the vote.

Are the Dems happy with the results of these efforts in 04? I should hope not. Angry staff members across the country were breaking office equipment and holding press conferences about not getting paid. Rathke response? "Conservative propaganda". I wish it were true it isn't.
Police were called in offices across the country because of angry staff. Check it out, this is true. High quality? If you call thousands of VR Cards turned in across the USA toolate to vote high quality, then go ahead keep feeding the Rathke machine.

Gee sounds kind of like WALMART. Sh!tty pay, low price products, low quality products. Disgruntled staff and customers have been took, bamboozled, ya been had. Rathke looks like a pro. With his NorthFace camping clothes and his blackberry checking into the finest hotels on the planet. What a guy. His salary? Don't even ask. He and his family have syphoned off millions.

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