Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Wade Rathke and Rudy have in common

Lets see,

Rudy was told not to put the command center in the trade centers after it was attacked and he did so anyway.

People have questioned the intelligence of the centralized power of ACORN in one office of ryears and Wade refused to listen.

A catclysmic event hit New York and Rudy was shut down and took months to get the city moving again.

Wade Rathke centralized all pay roll, benefits, bank accounts, communications (email), and operations in New Orleans. Result ACORN on it's knees for months. Paychecks for hundreds late, communication sucks, the whole organization frozen. Reaction? Let's rebuild it the same way?

Rudy flies along with America's sympathy because he happened to be Mayor during 911. Wade is bleeding the foundations dry by being the non profit that weathered Katrina. Getting all kinds of cash to rebuild. Rolling out staff members (paid staff) to speak on camera and in documentaries as affected ACORN members. In fact if anyone dares us we can point out how almost every ACORN picture consists of ACORN staff holding signs and leading the way. They actually are shit when it comes to engaging members.

Most Liberty tax protests involved staff swarming an office and releasing it as "spontaneous public anger". We know. One of the first things we ever did as staff was get ordered to go by oneself and disrupt Liberty tax site so the boss could claim it as yet another protest in the nationwide movement against Liberty.

Object as Wade has said? "Get them to give us money change a couple of corporate policies and we will go away".
What is amazing is that no one has seemed to be willing to call his bluff. I know this a gimme to the opposition but somebody tell this a$$hole NO!!. Why as a progressive do I say that? Shakedowns aren't progressive. No power is built like that. Further? ACORN has walked away winning nothing but money in the past. No moral victory. Wade should earn his paycheck.

Wade is using Hurricane Katrina to excuse away ACORN bullsh#t that happened before Katrina. Staff retention, office closures 1000 miles away? All problems before the storm.

Rudy and Wade are peanut butter and jelly.

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