Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Rath of Wade

A typical staff meeting with Rathke or any of his sychophants (Helene O'Brien, any of the regional heads, etc...), usually involves Wade rolling out his latest political brainstorm ala George Lucas with him as the emporer and Helene as Darth Vadar. He then stops at the end and says "so what do people think" "anyone have any other ideas". Some fool raises their hand (usually on staff under two years) and asks for a clarification in a way that hints critique or worse someone says "hey I've got an idea". Helene's eyes look past the person with disdain. The peanut gallery starts to chuckle and then Wade says something like "anyone else" totally ignoring the person or he rips them to shreds with some statement like "any ther creative ideas" with a smirk. You see from this point on it is as if Vadars mind grip starts to stranglke the person, everyone else stops talking ot the person, they aren't invited to lunch anymore.

ACORN is a dictatorship of the petit bourgeoisie and the select members of the trust fund inteligensia. Dilettantes at best, rich kids playing revolutionary while they can afford to. Rathke is no true "organizer" nor has he ever been. You see no grassroots organizer goes into a community and creates a groundswell to support his or her own agenda. An organizer is called on by a group indigenous and legitimately representative of it's demographic. ACORN started wrong and has been wrong ever since. ACORN has always been an alien invader. Like the Nile Perch destroys Lake Victoria in Tanzania ACORN usually creates politically brckish conditions and chokes out indigenous grassroots groups.

If Rathke wants something he will throw organizers at it until it sticks. Proclaiming either they are with us or against us. Sound familiar? He treats staff the same. ACORN organizers often joke about drinking the kool aid. Wonder what they are talking about? Lets see.

Cult characteristics:
Work for little or nothing
Put yourself in danger for the group or be pushed out
Give all connection to any former friends or family
Be willing to move anywhere your told or be pushed aside
New recruits are preferably green with no previous thoughts or experience
Recruits are sponges for the commands of others and have little impule to think for themselves

Wow sounds like ACORN.

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