Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dangerous and unfair Work Conditions? Walmart? Try ACORN!!

ACORN Organizers MUST:

Go door to door ALONE in the dark in high crime neighborhoods.

Work 10 hours a day and 11-4 on Saturday with no overtime.

Work 60 hours (sometimes more) a week for 25,000 a year. (That's 8.68 an hour which is not a living wage anywhere in the Unitied States)

Go door to door no matter the weather conditions (that includes lightning).

Get two members a day in low income neighborhoods who have bank accounts and commit to give $10.00 a month regardless of income.

Collect cash and carry it with them until the end of their workday.

Get arrested when called upon to do so.

BAIL themselves OUT!

Shake down local businesses for money.

Not carry personal protection.

Even when sick go door to door alone no matter the neighborhood.

Work while Sick.

Work without overtime.

Not organize a union.

Manipulate members when necessary.

Not complain about sexual harrassment.

Allow themselves to be the subjects of homophobia, sexual oppression, and even racism by superiors.

Lie to funders.

Lie to members.
Work with other organizers who are abusive and sexist.

Abandon chapters when the members are too poor to raise large amounts of money.

Do outsourced work for Unions at wages that are below union wages and living wages.

Wait for their paychecks for months after they resign, quit, or are fired.

Tolerate never getting reimbursed for personal expenses (mileage,cell phone,copies)

Tolerate money for community organizing being placed into accounts set aside for political action.

Allow their staff to be hired guns for whatever effort their supervisor determines important.

to be continued..............

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